As New Zealanders we pride ourselves on belonging to a clean green country.  When it comes to being eco-friendly we are aware of global warning, sustainable living and how the choices we make impact our planet and our future.

What then are we doing for our favourite fur companions?

Whilst we as humans can make choices for ourselves, decide what to put on or into our bodies and environment, our fur companions aren't so fortunate, relying on us to make their choices for them.

So let's start making the right ones.

Wort & Flea are committed to bringing your fur companions the best high quality eco friendly and innovative products on the market. Be they recycled, organic, made from non toxic materials or produced from sustainable and renewable resources.

Wort & Flea want your fur companions to have a choice too.

Whilst eco-friendly pet products are finally coming into the main foray of the pet market, they are still not widely available mainstream. With greater environmental awareness and education we will start to see more products being added to this niche market.

Higher costs are commonly associated with eco-friendly products and whilst sometimes this may be the case these are more often than not offset by the benefits of the products. Be it for their appealing qualities of being cleaner, safer, healthier, and sustainable or for their durability and longevity.

Wort & Flea are in their early stages of bringing you some of these exciting eco-friendly and innovative products and will be adding more to the site as more eco pet product discoveries are made. We will also be looking at ways to reduce our carbon paw print and impact on the environment.

If you have an eco-friendly or innovative product you would like Wort and Flea to supply or you manufacture eco pet products please contact us and we will do our best to get the product for you or to make your product more readily available for our eco savvy customers (providing it meets company requirements).

We would also love to stock some eco made in New Zealand pet products as well - so come on you innovative Kiwis - contact us!

Wort & Flea hope to deliver to you their own brand of eco products in the future. We hope you enjoy our site and products and would love to receive your feedback.

Hugs, kisses and love Wort & Flea xox